W3 Total Cache Plugin Before and After Results

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To show the results of using the W3 Total Cache Plugin I have posted before and after screenshots below.

First of all here’s an easy to read table outlining the main benefits.

Pingdom Test Before & After W3 Total Cache Configuration
virtualtweak.com Before After
Perf. Grade 81/100 93/100
Requests 18 12
Load Time 1.19s 0.36s
Page Size 677.4kb 579.7kb
Fast Than 86% 98%
Tested From Europe Europe

Before W3 Total Cache Plugin is installed and configured.


Before Installation & Configuration of W3 Total Cache

After W3 Total Cache Plugin is installed & configured.


After Installation & Configuration of W3 Total Cache

As you can see above, virtualtweak.com is now faster than 98% of all websites and a page load time which is 3x times faster that it was before W3 Total Cache is installed.

These are great results, especially when you consider that no Content Delivery Network (CDN) service like CloudFlare or Google PageSpeed has been setup yet.

Even before the W3 Total Cache plugin was installed and configured, virtualtweak.com was still quite a fast website site, mainly due to other forms of optimisation like the type of theme installed and the hosting provider that we use.